Testimonials From Our Patients

I am so proud of these testimonials below and on my Chiropractor Youtube ChannelIn order for you to see some of the MANY we have, I made my web guy make sure these are prominently displayed on this website as well. My goal is to get letters and video testimonials like this from every patient I treat… ​including YOU! Please come and be our next success story and share with others your new pain free way of life!


Don’t take our word on it – Please listen to our clients and how they are reacting to our life saving, pain relieving procedures!

“To all visitors and patients of Dr. Allard: I have been coming to see Dr. Allard for some time off and on. I have had pain and stiffness in my back and legs. I would hurt getting out of bed in the morning and off and on all day. I had a knee replacement about two years ago and my leg gets stiff. With the chiropractic help Dr. Allard gave me I can now move without stiffness and I will continue to get help when I need it. I know now that I don’t have to live with pain and stiffness.”

“​Dear Dr. Allard & Staff: Oh, what a feeling NOT to hurt anymore!!! I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Columbus Chiropractic and their wonderful care.. I have had neck and back problems since 1985 and have tried everything from pills, physical therapy to just putting up with the pain! (I figured this was the way my life would have to be and I would just go on hurting instead of being drugged out of my mind!)I had always been leery of Chiropractors but had received a free consultation through a Chiropractor advertising his business at Walmart. From his examination, I found out that I could get relief if I was treated by a Chiropractor. It ended up that I couldn’t go where I had the consultation since they didn’t take my insurance, so they suggested Columbus Chiropractic. Thank God! It was so much more private at Columbus Chiropractic. (The initial practice had one big room where everybody laid by each other and could see how each person was treated. Yuck!!!) was very impressed with Dr. Allard and his staff.”

​”They made me feel very comfortable since I was a nervous wreck about having my body bent around like a pretzel!!! Dr. Allard explained everything he was doing, so there were no surprises! I was very impressed with the professionalism, but also had a great time, considering we saw each other every week! I am feeling better than I’ve felt in so long. I don’t even remember hurting. I will continue getting treatment for the rest of my waking days.”

“THANK YOU DR. ALLARD AND THANK YOU FOR CHIROPRACTIC CARE – When I came to Dr. Allard’s office, I was a little apprehensive although my mother and husband are firm believers in chiropractic care.
I have had very bad headaches since I was a child. It was something that I had learned to live with. Doctor’s didn’t help me. Tylenol and Medipren had become my best friends. Within the last year so were every other pain reliever on the market. I was taking three at a time every 2-3 hours and mixing different types.”

“Headaches have totally disrupted my life until now. After my very first adjustment I felt some relieve. It steadily became better every week. Not only was I becoming headache-free, but I noticed that my knees no longer swelled nor did they ache. My arms and hands used to swell until now.

​I also have more strength, something that I thought I lost and no more tight aching neck, no more dizziness or sensitivity to sunlight. I have my life back and feel 100% better. I did not know really how bad of shape I was in. I want to thank Dr. Allard and his fine staff for the care they have given me. He has also taught me about good posture and about the strain that we put on our body. Something I am teaching my children. Chiropractic care has done a wonderful thing for me.”